Do you play games? Then get money with CoinPop!

CoinPop is a popular application that rewards users for trying out apps and games on your mobile device. CoinPop suggests the most suitable apps for you based on your personal preferences. Every time you download and use an app from CoinPop, you will earn points (mCoins) which you can redeem for PayPal or other gift cards.

The app is available worldwide for Android devices.

How Does CoinPop Work?

After you install CoinPop and sign up for free, you will be offered different options of apps and games to try, the recommendations are updated frequently based on your preferences.

After downloading an app from CoinPop, you will automatically get mCoins based on amount of the time you used it.

Invite Friends and Earn More mCoins

CoinPop’s referral program will give you 250 mCoins for every friend that you invite. In addition, both of you will get 25% of all the mCoins your friend earns.

Cashing Out

One of the best advantages of CoinPop is that you can cash-out your rewards quite early. You can claim payouts with only 4,999 mCoins, that equal 0.50$. You can cash money almost immediately after signing up with your start bonus!

According to their FAQ, you can expect to receive your payment within 7 business days.

Some of the available gift-cards are:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon voucher
  • CVS
  • Steam
  • Google Play
  • Walmart
  • …and many more!


CoinPop is a wonderful way to earn rewards playing games, CoinPop makes extremely easy to cash these rewards for vouchers. Start getting mCoins now downloading CoinPop from the link below!

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