Discover new games and earn cash with FitPlay!

FitPlay is an awesome app for Android devices that recommends you fantastic games and apps that you tryout for cash rewards. FitPlay rewards you for downloading and using their apps, and pays you in mCoins, that you can later cash-out as PayPal, Amazon or Google Play vouchers, among others. Get real money for playing games!

How does it work?

  1. Download FitPlay from the PlayStore and sign up for free.
  2. Checkout the apps and games available and download one for free. There are dozens of options to choose from! The list is updated regularly.
  3. You will earn mCoins for using the recommended apps. The longer you play with their games, the more mCoins you get!
  4. Once you gather enough mCoins, you can cash them out as vouchers.

How can I earn more mCoins?

  • You can refer friends and get a bonus for each one that downloads FitPlay! And on top of that, both of you will get 25% of all the mCoins your referred friend earns.
  • Check out the recommendations frequently to see if there are special apps offering extra mCoins for your time.
  • The more you use the recommended apps, the more mCoins you earn!

How do I get paid?

  1. You will need to collect a certain number of mCoins to claim the different vouchers, the payouts start as low as 0.50$ for 4,999 mCoins. Check the Payouts section on FitPlay to see the different options in detail.
  2. According to their FAQ, the processing time for payouts takes about 7 days, but normally gets done in under 24 hours.


FitPlay is a fantastic option to make money while trying out new apps and games on the go. It offers several means of payment, from PayPal vouchers to Walmart, Google Play and CVS coupons. What are you waiting to start earning mCoins? Download FitPlay from the link below and get a bonus of 4,444 mCoins now!


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